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Glass Railing in Vancouver

Glass railings eliminate the intrusive top and bottom handrails in your line of sight. They are an easy way to give your home a rich and modern element without breaking the bank. Glass railings can be installed both in the interior of your home and on the exterior of your home. It is a system where the glass panels are secured with glass mounts or steel posts. There is the option to use steel or wood posts in black or steel colours. There are different types of glass railings such as framed, frameless and frosted-glass railings. There are also a wide variety of tinted glass panels to choose from for the colours of the vinyl components. They are an innovative, appealing and most importantly safe option that will improve the look of your home. A benefit of frameless glass railings is that they don't require a lot of maintenance, the cost of the railing won’t go up compared to a wooden one that needs intensive maintenance every year. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it will also increase the resale price of the property’s value. The clean lines and open view will create a stunning finished look. You will be transforming your home into a “WOW” factor that people could only dream of having.

3 Main Types of Glass Railing Systems

1. Dadoed Glass Railing

The glass railing panels are secured within the top and bottom railing shoe. Basically the glass exists within a wooden framework. There is no need for clips or any hardware. This has the most modern and cleanest appearance.

We have Dadoed Glass Railing style of glass railing for your modern house in Vancouver

2. Standoff Glass Railing

This is a system where the glass panels are secured with standoffs, which are round stainless steel cylinders. The glass has pre-drilled holes that are levelled in place, then the standoffs are added to lock the panels to the vertical face of the stairs and floor system. This option leaves you with a beautiful frameless look with little visual hardware.

standoffs glass railing is one of the popular glass railing for your Vancouver home balcony

3. Clamped Glass Railing

The glass panels are secured with glass clips mounted to the posts or on the railing shoe. The system gives the option to use either wood or steel posts if you are wanting to accentuate the steel or black hardware. This is the best option for people who don't want a completely modern look, as it has a mid-century modern appeal to it.

mid century modern glass railing for your home

Vancouver Glass Railing Services

Interior Railings

Are you frustrated with the look of the handrails on your staircase? Do you believe they match your home? And most importantly are you truly happy with them? The best part of choosing glass railings is that you have the option to customize your railings to look exactly how you want them to look. They are able to match the taste and architectural style of your home. You can choose straight-barred, traditional options and elaborate, intricate railing options. You will also choose between aluminum, glass, steel and stainless steel to create long-lasting, efficient rails. If you decide to move or re-furnish your home the glass is removable which will help when it comes to moving around large and heavy pieces in your home.

Exterior Railings

At Premier Glass our exterior railings offer the up most pristine quality, to your customized staircase, balcony, patio or wherever you wish it to be. They are great for pool gates as they don't block the view of your gorgeous pool. However, they guarantee the safety aspect that pools require. The sleek and modern railing design is known to complement your outdoor environment by never blocking anyone view. In British Columbia, the rain and snow make the outdoor steps slippery causing a safety hazard that glass railings can solve. By having a strong and reliable railing it will make it safer when the weather gets bad. They bring a new level of sturdiness and harmony that is truly unmatched, compared to what the other railings would put forward.

Deck Railings

1. Framed Glass Railings

When it comes to deck railings there are three evidently different glass railing systems that you can choose from.

2. Frameless Glass Railings with Support Posts

These are structural panels of glass that are designed to support on either side with posts of wood, metal or sleeved composite that don't have a bottom or a top rail.

3. Frameless Glass Railing Without Support Posts

They are going to be constructed from 12 mm glass that can be mounted to either side of the fascia board with steel panels or top-mounted with multiple options that are dependent on other criteria. When the glass guard rail system is mounted to the fascia board more glass is needed.

our Vancouver glass railing services include deck railing for your balcony

Stair Railings

This is a strong option for modern and contemporary homes and buildings, however, because they can be completely customizable they are amazing for all home types and designs. Glass stair railings are aesthetically pleasing for both inside your home and outside your home. They offer an unobstructed view with wind and noise protection. Glass railings are no longer used for just commercial applications, they are also in people’s homes now too. Glass stair railings inside the home allows the space to feel more open whereas other staircases can make space feel closed off and claustrophobic. The finishes are can be modified to fit in with the rest of your home’s design. They are a safe and sturdy option for your home as they are absolutely durable.

you can install stair glass railings for your Vancouver house stairs

Frameless Glass Railings

Frameless glass railings are a major success as there are so many beautiful views to see that you don't want to be interrupted by frames. They are pre-made posts that feature vertical slots. Frameless glass railings require thicker, stronger glasses that could need lamination depending on your specific application method of choice. Glass panels for premium railings are custom ordered and pre-manufactured to match all your desires and needs. The Vancouver glass railing installation is a quick and simple process as the glass panels slide into vertical slots in posts, pressing the post caps into place. It is super simple and super stylish. They require little maintenance since they are powder-coated through a prestigious treatment which assures a virtually maintenance-free outcome. No painting, no staining or sanding is needed and no rust or rotting will occur, that would make you worried and frustrated.

frameless glass railings are custom order and can let your Vancouver property looks modern

Seamless Frameless Glass Railings

The seamless frameless glass railing system was invented as an alternative to your standard 10 to 12 mm railings. We can build beautiful seamless frameless glass railings for your home, no matter if it is along your stairs or on your deck, we can provide you with any services you may need. The look will make your home more attractive and appealing to everyone who has the pleasure to see it. They are mounted with metal clamps, they do not have any frames. They have fashionable clamps that are clamped on the side of your home or deck and are fasten to the glass.

We can build seamless glass railings for house stairs or balconies

Aluminum Glass Railings

Most aluminum railings are powder-coated that is thought to be the most durable process when all the steps are properly executed and the quality powder is used. After the electrostatically applying power process is completed the sections need to be baked afterwards in a large oven that is around 24ft in length. There are 3 divergent variations of aluminum railings:

1. Component Packages

Component packages are found at large box stores that consist of roughly 35 to 45 pieces for a 5ft picket railing section that needs all parts in order to be assembled. Then it is cut and screwed together on the project site.

2. Pre-Made Custom

It is full-length 24ft sections that are pre-manufactured and finished locally with pickets bonded to the bottom and top rails. These sections are cut to the proper length on-site that are going to fit like a glove on the pre-made posts and corner brackets that hold the system together.

3. Custom Made Aluminum Railings

They have all the needed components entirely pre-manufactured and welded together off-site and finished with the powder coating afterwards, to provide our clients with the best aluminum railing system that is completely customized to the client’s likings.

Aluminum Glass Railings is available for residential buildings includes condo

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