6 Advantages of Using Glass in Commercial Buildings

Image of Vancouver skyline, featuring glass commercial buildings.

When you look out to the Vancouver skyline, you’ll notice that it’s full of glass. From top to bottom, commercial buildings tend to feature a lot of glass panels. It’s so common that you may have never stopped to ask why high rises consist of mostly glass exteriors. Well, not only does it transform the look and feel of a … Read More

5 Things to Look for in a Commercial Glass Company

image of cafe's glass storefront

There are a few reasons your business may be on the hunt for some storefront glass. Perhaps you’re a new business and your grand opening is quickly approaching. Or maybe you’re a seasoned establishment wanting a fresh new look to bring in more customers. No matter the reason, who you choose to install your commercial glass is important. With a … Read More

How Much Do Glass Railings Cost in Vancouver?

visual image of outdoor glass railing

Glass railings are a great way to add a level of luxury and space to your home or balcony. Not only do they provide a sophisticated aesthetic, but glass railings are also low-maintenance, highly durable, and create seamless transitions to your contemporary home décor. Whether you’re looking to add a modern twist to your indoor or outdoor space, or are … Read More

Why Choose a Fibreglass Door for Your Home?

image of fibreglass door on house-front

Doors not only add a focal point of aesthetic to your home, but it protects you from external elements. When choosing the material for your front door, fibreglass offers a range of benefits compared to other materials. Fibreglass can be used for your house windows, back and front doors, and is highly durable and sustainable. Here’s why you should consider … Read More

How to Clean Paint Off Glass?

learn how can you clean the paint on the glass

For the most part, it’s easy to keep glass sparkling and shiny. However, there is one substance that can be quite stubborn when it lands on glass, and that is paint. No matter the quantity of paint that you have on the glass, it can be quite difficult to clean paint off the glass.   Unfortunately, paint can easily fall … Read More

Will New Windows Increase the Value of My House?

if you need to upgrade your house window in Vancouver, please contact the glass experts

Maybe it’s time for renovations or a time to sell one house for a new home. No matter the reason, now it is time to make some important decisions. Most likely you already know that the two rooms that make you the most bang for your buck during resale are the Kitchen and the bathroom. Once those have been attended … Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Shower Door in Vancouver?

modern show door installation work is available in Vancouver

In Canada, we use words like bathroom and washroom due to the fact that this language leads everyone to believe and expect a clean space. Many homeowners feel this is non-negotiable. When a shower has a curtain it can look nice, temporarily, until mould and mildew begin to grow. At this point a person has to take down the rod, … Read More

How to Choose the Right Windows For Your House?

Choosing the right window design make your home looks brighter and better

To the untrained eye, most windows around the house appear virtually the same. The truth is however that there are plenty of differences between the types of windows you can get for your house. Different window products from different manufacturers will definitely vary, meaning you may not get exactly what you’re looking for in a certain type of window. The … Read More

Selecting Window Covering for Your Home

Woman selects the right window coverings can make your home more comfortable

Now that you have some lovely new windows installed at home, it is time to find the perfect window covers to help keep things shaded and private inside. These days, there is almost an unlimited number of options for blinds, curtains and much more to choose from. Aside from the design aesthetics of your home, there are a few major … Read More