6 Advantages of Using Glass in Commercial Buildings

Image of Vancouver skyline, featuring glass commercial buildings.

When you look out to the Vancouver skyline, you’ll notice that it’s full of glass. From top to bottom, commercial buildings tend to feature a lot of glass panels. It’s so common that you may have never stopped to ask why high rises consist of mostly glass exteriors. Well, not only does it transform the look and feel of a building, but the functionality as well. Here are a few advantages you won’t want to miss out on, when it comes to using glass for your commercial building:

1.    Aesthetics

Glass is unique in the way that unlike other materials, it can transmit, absorb, and refract light. Its translucent and transparent characteristics add incredible aesthetic appeal to your building. It’s also completely customizable and can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, in all sorts of shades. Giving a chic and modern look, glass can make any building stand out.

2.    Strength

Whether it be for a wall system, door, partition, or another glass made interior element, it’s most likely tempered. This allows the glass to withstand pressure with minimal wear and tear. While standard glass is fragile, safety-tempered glass is nearly five times stronger and less likely to shatter, crack, or break. Therefore, a building suited up with glass materials is durable and long-lasting when installed by trained professionals. It’s crucial that the right glass, tools, and materials are used to guarantee quality.

3.    Water and Dustproof

Keep your office dry and clear with commercial glass. In comparison to many other construction materials, glass can work in both wet and dry conditions. Especially in a city as rainy as Vancouver, protecting your structure from the elements should be top priority. Lastly, due to the smooth surface, dust and debris rarely builds up on glass. This is great for people who are aggravated by dust particles or are prone to allergens. A quick and easy dusting keeps your offices looking and feeling fresh.

4.    Rust and Rodent Resistant

A top choice if you prefer to keep rodents outside your building, as glass can neither rust nor become infested with unwanted bugs. Unlike materials such as wood, termites and other unwanted critters can’t nestle their way into glass. Furthermore, glass is rust-proof versus buildings constructed of sheet metal, keeping the aesthetic of your workspace in top condition.

Minimizing the amount of maintenance, your glass commercial building will be easier to clean with a greater lifespan. With proper care, you won’t need to replace the glass panels as often compared to other materials, saving you long-term costs.

5.    Open Feel

With commercial glass, your space will feel bigger, brighter, and more welcoming. Apart from the modern and chic aesthetic, your offices will feel more open and connected. Not only does this maximize the experience of your staff and clients, but it also encourages collaboration and comfort. Furthermore, if you decide to keep the transparent glass, productivity increases as people feel more monitored and accountable. Pay for less square footage while utilizing an open floorplan finished with glass interiors to save money and maximize space.

6.    Safe and Sustainable

Glass can be recycled an endless number of times without losing integrity. As the only material that does not sacrifice quality through the recycling process, it’s a highly sustainable choice. A lightweight material, glass won’t weigh down your building and can even help you cut down on hydro costs. Since it’s an excellent thermal insulator, glass is great at absorbing and distributing heat. So, if you’re sick of paying high heating bills in the winter, you’ve found your solution!

Glass is also a great insulator for sound, oftentimes used to soundproof offices and other commercial spaces. Therefore, you can drown out the noise of nearby traffic to keep your commercial building quiet and productive.

What’s Next?

If you’re constructing a new office space or are looking to upgrade your current one, we offer top quality glass installation in commercial and residential properties. At Premier Glass, our team is highly experienced, efficient, and passionate. From basic glass repairs to intricate installations, we can handle it all. Reach out today for a quote on your next glass project!