Will New Windows Increase the Value of My House?

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Maybe it’s time for renovations or a time to sell one house for a new home. No matter the reason, now it is time to make some important decisions. Most likely you already know that the two rooms that make you the most bang for your buck during resale are the Kitchen and the bathroom. Once those have been attended to, now what?

3 Factors To Consider For Your New House Windows

Well, one important factor that many homeowners don’t think about until inspection time is the windows.

1. Housing Market

Will the buyer want to spend the amount of money and time it would take to make the changes? Sometimes yes but sometimes no. It all depends on your surroundings and the housing market along with the cost and quality of the homes being sold.

2. Location

Think about your location, do you live by a busy street? Do you get a lot of mornings and early afternoon sun? do you want to feel more secure? Do you like the look of your home? How you answer these questions can help you to decide what kind of upgrades you want to make.

3. Upgrade

In Vancouver, B.C., there are many neighbourhoods that are up and coming, will your upgrade be sufficient? Will replacement windows are necessary and how soon? Window repair or window replacement can both have their merit, but they do come at a cost.


Benefits of Adding New Windows or Replacing Windows

Widows actually play a strong supporting role throughout the house. According to research and surveys, many homeowners choose to upgrade their windows because:

  • They can provide sun and UV resistance
  • They may be a sound buffer from noise pollution
  • They can act as a deterrent against robberies and theft
  • they aid the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Although repairing or replacing widows may not warrant the same amount of return on your investment (ROI), not replacing the windows can cause unwanted conflict for the buyer and at times may even cause a buyer to pull out of the deal; in extreme cases.  Additionally, widows provide a unique opportunity to express artistry and add to the aesthetic beauty and curbside appeal to make your home the most desired in the neighbourhood.


What Kind of Windows Should I Replace My Old One With?

Windows can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, different materials and tints. Not to worry, no need to feel anxious. This is the point where you may want to have a professional come by and assess your needs, they may have unique ideas you never would have thought of.  If you aren’t ready for that yet, here is some information to think about.

Window Frame Types:

Each has its positive and negative attributes; however, budget and longevity would be smart to think about. For example, aluminum is a cheaper alternative but will not last as long as a fibreglass window frame. In Vancouver, it is common nowadays that most homes have Vinyl frames; wood needs more upkeep and may need replacement sooner due to the vast amounts of rain that we get, as well the cost is quite high.

Next would be the type of glass; are you needing thicker windows to help with sound penetration, or do you need a tint to help protect from UV rays and help to cool certain rooms. Or do you have a fear of theft or robberies, you may want to invest in a triple glazed window.

Energy Efficiency

I don’t know about you, but for many Canadians, energy efficiency is a very important part of running a home with budgetary limitations. New windows can help cut your energy bills quite significantly. New windows will create a tight seal for your home so no air can escape; air leaks are the number one reason for wasted energy. This will help you to spend less on your heating and cooling of your home, helping you to save money over time. Even more, if you were wanting to replace your windows with Energy Star windows, for every single pane widow that you replace it is estimated you could save $100 – $500 per year on your energy costs; for double glazed, you could save from $27-$200 per year.

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