How Much Does it Cost to Install a Shower Door in Vancouver?

modern show door installation work is available in Vancouver

In Canada, we use words like bathroom and washroom due to the fact that this language leads everyone to believe and expect a clean space. Many homeowners feel this is non-negotiable. When a shower has a curtain it can look nice, temporarily, until mould and mildew begin to grow.

At this point a person has to take down the rod, which also may need replacement because of rust, then they must disassemble the curtains and wash and dry them, reassemble and put everything back. This can be quite annoying and time-consuming not to mention lead to further costs than simply installing a framed glass shower door or even better a frameless shower door. With either of these shower doors, your troubles go away. Now, you just need some glass cleaner and some paper towel; spray and wipe a couple of times and you are ready to continue with your day.


What Options Are There For Glass Shower Doors?

The one aspect of 2020 we can all agree on is the advancement and availability of technology in many industries; the engineering of shower doors is no exception. There are many places that can customize your shower doors to dramatically upgrade your bathroom without a dramatic price. Whether you desire a framed or frameless design, slider or pivot, there are experts out there who can work with you to create a solution that fits your unique style and needs.


How Much Does it Cost to Install a Shower Door in Vancouver?

This is not a one number fits all kind of situation. The average cost of a glass shower door installation can be between $500 and $1500. The precise amount would be dependant on a few things: the type of door/style chosen, the size of the door as well as the type of glass that you choose. In addition, most frameless doors although they look amazing, are considered custom installations and need special hardware for mounting which can add additional costs compared to the more traditional framed glass doors.


Are There Financing Options When Buying a Shower Door Installation Service in Vancouver?

As the economy is forever fluctuating in Canada, yes, in most cases the company you’re trusting your renovations or upgrades with will most likely have some financing options, or they will have some advice when dealing with a homeowner’s specific budget.


The Benefits of Installing A Frameless Glass Shower Door

Whether it’s their flawless appearance or simple maintenance, frameless shower doors are continuing to gain popularity and are becoming more available and common, especially in new builds.  With frameless shower doors, there are many advantages to be had. Though they are more expensive than the typical framed shower door it is easier to customize the look and design of your bathroom. They come in any size, allowing complete flexibility. They allow the flow of light, make space feel larger, less likely to build up mould in turn making it easier to clean.


What Cost Factors Should I Keep in Mind?

  • Size and design of your shower
  • Thickness and quality of the glass
  • Other needed bathroom modifications
  • Additional hardware needed

Even though all of these factors will affect the cost, the most impactful will be the size and design you decide on. The bigger the shower, the more materials and labour will be required, therefore, the more costly the project will be. On the other hand, small showers can also be troublesome as they may include more edges and corners, which would then require more craftsmanship, leading to a higher labour cost. If the bathroom is on the second or third floor, if you request a custom shape or if you have a unique layout that could cause difficulty and the cost will also undoubtedly be raised.


In short, whether you want to upgrade your existing glass shower door or are wanting to install a new frameless glass door in Vancouver, there are a variety of options available. Make sure you know your budget ahead of time and be open with your designer or installation company as they are the only ones who can adjust and comply with your needs.