How to Choose the Right Windows For Your House?

Choosing the right window design make your home looks brighter and better

To the untrained eye, most windows around the house appear virtually the same. The truth is however that there are plenty of differences between the types of windows you can get for your house. Different window products from different manufacturers will definitely vary, meaning you may not get exactly what you’re looking for in a certain type of window. The question is how to identify the right replacement windows for your specific needs. With these five helpful tips from Premier Glass, hopefully, you will gain a better understanding of how to choose the right windows for your home.

5 Tips for Choosing the Home Window

1. Different Window Styles

            One of the first things to know when replacing or purchasing new windows for your home is the type of window you require. A typical home in Vancouver and the lower mainland will often feature multiple window types including the following:

Single Hung/Double Hung – As one of the most common window styles, you will find a single or double hung window on practically any home. These windows are opened and closed by sliding them up and down in the window frame. While a single hung window can only be opened from the bottom of the frame, a double-hung window can be opened from the top of the frame as well as the bottom.

Casement Window – Unlike a single or double hung window which slides open in the window frame, a casement window opens by swinging out. These windows almost always consist of a single pane, or sash, of glass which is hinged vertically to the frame.

Awning Window – Where a casement window is vertically hinged, an awning window is hinged horizontally at the top of the window frame. This allows the window to replicate the action of an awning when it is opened out from the bottom.

Slider Window – Like their name suggests, the slider window slides open from side to side.

2. Framing Materials

            Once you have identified the style of window you require, you can determine the type of material you want to use as your frame. This decision is relevant not only to the cost of the window, but also the durability of the frame as well as the upkeep your it will require during its lifespan. Wood frames are still used today, though they are harder to maintain and are typically more expensive than other materials. Vinyl frames on the other hand are both more durable and less expensive compared to wood. The vinyl frame also offers more in the way of size and colour options.

3. Glass/Sash Selection

            When it comes to the efficiency of your windows, the type of glass package you select will make a major impact. When it comes to the cost of your glass package, you can certainly save money up front by selecting a lower quality glass. This can often lead to higher utility costs in the future however, so it is important to keep that in mind when selecting. Here are the main options you will have to choose from when selecting a glass package:

Dual/Triple Pane – Double glazed windows are definitely the standard these days, and they have been for a while. Now, however, homeowners have the option to replace their older dual pane windows with triple-pane versions which offer enhanced energy saving and sound blocking features.

Low E-Glazing – These windows feature a thin layer on the glass which acts as a barrier designed to reflect hot sunlight away from the house in summer while allowing it to enter during the winter months.

Argon Gas Windows – Argon gas is fed into the space between glass panes in most dual pane windows to increase thermal efficiency.

Krypton Gas Windows – As a slightly more dense gas, krypton is able to provide superior thermal efficiency compared to argon filled windows. As a result, these windows are typically a slightly more expensive option.

4. Customized is Often Best

            While many home improvement stores offer windows in standard sizes and styles, it can be beneficial to take advantage of the selection found at a professional window company. Not only will you have access to higher quality materials, you will also be able to rely on expert advice that can ensure you get the best, most efficient windows for your needs and budget.

5. Enlist Professional Installation

            Windows are tricky to install, especially if certain measurements are even a slight bit off. While there are plenty of great DIY opportunities that can be found around the house, window replacement isn’t one of them. Mistakes are often expensive in the short and long term, as unseen gaps and poor installations can lead to damaged, inefficient windows. Instead, for peace of mind and to get the most out of your replacement windows during their lifespan, it is best to work with a professional window company.

            For your next window replacement job, be sure to contact Premier Glass. We will be happy to help you find the ideal windows for your needs, and we will handle the installation to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to arrange a quote on your upcoming window replacement job.