Selecting Window Covering for Your Home

Woman selects the right window coverings can make your home more comfortable

Now that you have some lovely new windows installed at home, it is time to find the perfect window covers to help keep things shaded and private inside. These days, there is almost an unlimited number of options for blinds, curtains and much more to choose from. Aside from the design aesthetics of your home, there are a few major factors to consider when selecting window coverings. To help you make the best decision for your specific needs and preferences, take a look at the brief window covering selection guide below.

Window Covering Selection Guide

Lighting Levels

            Some windows are in a great position to offer a large amount of light, while others are designed with more privacy and insulation in mind. When it comes to areas where you want a lot of light to get in during the day, but where privacy is required in the evening and night time, you might think about getting some heavy blinds or curtains that are easy to open and close. Some people even choose more solid options like shudders for their large front windows, but if you choose to go this way, make sure you have easy access to the window so opening and closing the coverings isn’t a daily chore.

Hard to Reach Windows

            In some cases, you may want to think about window coverings for hard to reach windows. Again, no matter what type of window covering you select, be sure to plan ahead about how you will go about opening and closing the coverings. For things like blinds and curtains, make sure to invest in extra long cords or wands that are easy to reach from the floor. In some cases, you may want to consider a remote control for your shades, but even in these cases, it is always prudent to have a manual pull cord or wand as a backup in case there is a mechanical issue with the blinds or you simply run out of batteries in the remote.

Material Considerations

Wood blinds can be a great option for a lot of different areas of your home, but they aren’t always the best choice. In some places such as a kitchen or bathroom, where moisture and condensation are common occurrences, wood blinds are a bad option, as they are likely to become warped after a short period of time being exposed to water. In these rooms, aluminum or plastic blinds can make the most sense, and they will be far easier to clean and maintain.


            When it comes to young children and finding the right window coverings for their rooms or nurseries, safety should always be a top priority. Cordless child safety blinds are becoming more and more common these days, along with blinds that use rollers instead of cords. In cases where blinds for your children do have a cord, you can install cleats on your walls to wrap the excess cord where it is well out of harm’s way.

Short Term Options

            If you are having trouble making your decision then you don’t have to commit right away. You can still get some privacy and shade with temporary paper shades. These come in black and white and are easy to install using their peel and stick method. Once you have made a more permanent window covering your decision, you can simply recycle your old temporary paper blinds.


Whether you are still hung up on design options, or if you are looking for something less traditional and outside of the box, there are a number of different ways to customize your window coverings and make them truly unique to your space. You may even have unique windows that don’t suit standard covering sizes. In these cases it is often best to work with a professional to gain their insight into the possibilities for your new window coverings. More window coverings photos and examples.

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